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Oct 30, 2020

Imagine having the ability to jump on the phone with your coach or mentors whenever you have a question or feel stuck and overwhelmed in your business???
Today we are mixing it up a bit and we will be LIVE ready to answer your questions. Our office is open and we are ready to help you through the challenges you are facing.
This is one of the features of the Inner Circle that we think sets our coaching program apart. We have been advised by other coaches to remove this feature because they say we are too available and are giving away too much.... but WE KNOW breakthroughs happen and lives are changed when we are able to spend some one on one time with our Inner circle members.
That's why when you join the Inner Circle you are given an exclusive link to our calendar so that you can schedule a call with either one of us any time you feel stuck or just need to talk through your next big idea.