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Jan 13, 2023

Did you hear?! 📣😍
This year we’re excited to welcome a fitness instructor to the conference! 💪🏼
Abundance Conference 2023 will focus on all things Mind, Body, and Real Estate!
So we felt it was essential (and fun too🙌🏼) to offer a morning fitness class for our attendees!
Soooooooo….Meet the Fitness Instructor, Cynthia Bernsdorf! Cynthia is a Pennsylvania agent who’s primary focus for more than 22 years of her life was fitness! Cynthia is bringing a fun, upbeat, music driven workout class to the agenda for those who would like to participate!
We’re excited to speak with Cynthia 🔴LIVE today at 9:30am cst | 7:30am pst to learn more about who she is and what she’ll be bringing to the conference!
Join us LIVE at 9:30am to hear more about Cynthia’s story!
To learn more about Abundance Conference 2023 and Purchase your Early Bird Ticket go to 👇🏼