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Mar 3, 2023

Allow us to introduce you to one of our Amazing Agents who will be sitting on our Top Producer Panel next week at Abundance. Amanda Camacho.
Here's a quick message from Amanda!
"Building a business that I enjoy to be apart of has been a journey these past 7 years of selling real estate. Once I realized that the best practices and systems for gaining market and mindshare have always been, and will most likely always continue to be, the foundational basics we all know; lead generation, negotiating and nurturing relationships, it was much easier to build a business worth owning, soon to be a legacy worth leaving.
It's important to me to share the wins that got me here today, and the knowledge that has come from painful lessons with as many agents as I can. Part of my responsibility in becoming more successful over the years is giving back to the community, and I have found a natural ability to lead.
Discovering who I am in my business has been one of the most unexpected blessings along the way. I found a love for my own mind and soul more than I have ever had before. I become stronger and more focused year after year. This career has truly changed my life and that of future generations of our family legacy.
Its an honor to share the value I have found nurturing my real estate career with you in hopes it brings opportunities and more abundance to your life and ventures."

Find out more at our WEBSITE

SOCIALS: Facebook. I  Instagram. I Youtube