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Apr 28, 2023

You've heard the term "Mega Team" right?
You know the teams that have a ton of agents, do a lot of volume and seem to have everything going for them? Spoiler alert, most of these Mega Teams are not as profitable as you might think. There's a ton of overhead, work, and headache that goes into running these massive Mega Teams. That may be a good fit for some, but for most I feel the "Micro Team" method is the way to go.
Not familiar with the Micro Team concept? It's a setup that keeps the team lead more profitable and efficient, without sacrificing the bottom line. It's the way I close 100 to 150 homes a year working 20 hours a week in my business only doing the things I love!
In today's podcast I'm bringing on one of my team members to share some behind the scenes insights on how our team works. Our team runs with 1 full time position, 2 agents, and a TC. We are spilling the tea on our favorite features of this set up and some of the learning curves we went through along the way!
If you would like more information on how to build a Micro Team, schedule a discovery call with our success coach here.

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